Welcome to Electromedical Testing and Calibration Ltd (EMTaC)

EMTaC Ltd specialise in electrical safety and calibration of Medical Appliances.

ALL Medical and Physiotherapy Practices in New Zealand are required by law to have electrical equipment tested to medical AS/NZ3551 standards annually. Without the correct testing and documentation you could be liable for fines. Also your insurance may be compromised.
For more information visit our Legislation and Standards page.

Our expertise is useful for:

  1. Medical Practices in Canterbury New Zealand
  2. Retirement Villages with Hospital Facilities in Canterbury New Zealand
  3. Physiotherapy Practices throughout New Zealand.

  4. For Physiotherapy practices, we also carry out repair work on Metron and TGS ultrasounds and interferentials as required. 

We assist you with complying to the relevant legislation and standards and your next accreditation audit, through our proven experience with safety testing. Above all, we achieve a safe environment for staff and patients.

We at EMTaC are here to lighten the load for your Practice owner, nurses, administrators and manager. We  know from experience administration is often unappreciated; therefore let EMTaC assist you with requirements under NZ law. We provide electrical safety and performance verification for your clinical appliances. In addition, we will also check the calibration of your sphygmomanometers, nebulizers, and tympanic thermometers as these items can go out of tolerance. WARNING! if you are offered a 'LOCK IN PRICE', Talk to us first. This may NOT necessarily be in your best interests! We believe that no other company in Canterbury can offer you a better service than EMTaC ltd. We ARE the experts and we promise to leave your staff feeling happy with our service.

We will come at ANY time that suits you. We are dedicated to helping you, and we prefer to come during working hours between 7:30am and 7:00pm. EMTaC engineers frequently provide testing service during the lunch hours for maximum convenience for staff and patients. Are you a Practice manager? Call us. We will save you time and money. Are you a nurse wanting help? Call us. We know the answers. We promise to do our best to support you whether it be technical or moral support. All of our staff have police clearances and confidentiality is assured. NO ONE IS BETTER THAN US when it comes to helping your staff.

Book to get your medical appliances certified today - Call us on 03 3893687 or email at info@emtac.co.nz.