Electro Medical Legislation and Standards

Electro Medical Legislation and Standards

The Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, together with the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 make the owners of healthcare practices responsible for ensuring a safe environment for both patients and staff. The only way to be sure that the electrical equipment in your practice is safe to use is to have it routinely tested. Failure to do so may result in penalty fines being imposed.

At Electro Medical Testing and Calibration we assist you with complying with the relevant legislation and standards and your next accreditation audit, through our proven experience with safety testing. Above all, we achieve a safe environment for staff and patients. We firmly believe that having correctly calibrated equipment is vital. However, EMTaC Ltd is NOT the electrical police. It is our task to get your items passed quickly, quietly, and without disruption to your working day. We will make minor repairs on the spot where possible. It is important that your patient areas are electrically safe.

Foundation Standards - . See FOUNDATION STANDARDS AND INTERPRETATION  indicator 17, section 2.(Medical equipment and resources are available and maintained.) 2016

 Three standards that practice owners and practitioners should be aware of:


AS/NZS2500 Guide to the safe use of electricity in patient care

This deals mainly with the safe application of medical equipment. This applies to all patience areas where electrical equipment is used for medical diagnosis treatment or monitoring. This standard is intended for use by personnel concerned with the application of all electrical appliances, including but not limited to, nurses, physicians, therapists, engineers, administrators and management. This standard applies to all patient areas used for medical diagnosis treatment or monitoring by electrical equipment.

AS/NZS3003 Electrical installations - patient areas

This standard covers the electrical installation (electrical wiring and fitting within a building such as a medical centre, clinic and hospital). This standard is applicable to all healthcare facilities and wherever electrical medical equiptment is in use.

AS/NZS3551 Management programs for medical equipment

This standard is wide ranging in that it is applied to both electrical and non-electrical medical equipment. This management program contains definitions, procedures and parameters for electrical safety testing.