Electro Medical Testing and Calibration Services

Electro Medical Testing and Calibration Services

 We can perform safety testing of medical electrical appliances on a casual basis, however  the advantage of having us regularly carry out your testing is record storage and automatic reminders when retesting is due. We also do free or minimal charge repair work to our regular customers. Unfortunately we only  offer a repair service if you are a regular client. WARNING! beware of any company that tries to 'LOCK' you in. It may end up costing you more in the long run. 

There are several facets to our testing programs as described below:

Electrical Safety Testing

All electrical appliances used for patient treatment, diagnosis or monitoring are required by law to be tested for electrical safety at least every 12 months. This involves both a physical inspection of the appliance and a number of electrical measurements of insulation resistance, earthing integrity and leakage currents. For medical appliances these tests are specified in the AS/NZS3551 standard. Once these tests and equipment fixed if necessary, we give you a copy of the test reults. The results are also stored on the cloud.

Please DO NOT use a TEST and TAG company for medical equipment testing and we strongly advise against using an electrician to do your medical testing. There are over 14 classes of electrical registration, so use the right people. Do not use your doctors brother in law's electrican or your nurses husband! (it happens!) They may think they can do the work and for less money, but they will not know the medical equipment or have the in depth understanding we have. Many electricians may think they can do your testing, but they could (probabaly do) miss things we will pick up. This could put your patients at risk and in some cases possibly damage your equipment (we know this from our own experience!). If it was a staff memebers realative who did the testing it could be very embarrising. DO NOT DO THIS. We know from experience!

.Repairs and practical help

Please call us and ask for help. (only if you are our client. We do not offer this to Practices who are with our competitors unless you agree to get your annual testing carried out by us)  We are very happy to help our medical centres and physio customers with repair advice. We will ALWAYS try hard to suggest the best and more economical solution for you. Sometimes it is just not economic to repair but better to put the money into buying a new item. This may be a ECG machine, diathermy or Otoscope. However, sometimes we may be able to save you money on a repair. Please be assured that we at EMTaC Ltd  have a combined experience in medical electronic repair of over 70 years!! We will ALWAYS do what is (in our opinion and experience) best for YOU.

Performance Verification

Performance verification is a check to see that a medical device is operating correctly and within expected parameters. Many medical electrical devices (such as an electrocardiograph) are required to be performance verified as part of their mandatory tests, but various non-powered devices are also routinely checked. Examples are tympanic thermometers and sphygmomanometers, and scales.  EMTaC has the calibration test equipment for this.

Body Protected Areas

All medical procedures involving medical electrical appliances are required to be performed in a Body Protected Area. In simple terms this means the power supply to the treatment area is protected by a medical grade RCD (a type of safety switch). These should be tested and certified annually to the requirements of AS/NZS3003. EMTaC can check these for you. Please contact us for help. Note..we are not the electrical police but we are here to minimise your costs and save you time and money . We are PRACTICAL. (not legalistic)  we will save you time and money and keep you safe and meeting the Foundation standards.

Firstly, do not be baffled by the legislation. It is our job at EMTaC to quietly sort this for you. In fact, we can quietly move about and get the work done without fuss.

Unlike ANY of our competitors who may try to 'lock you in', we do not do this as we want to give ULTIMATE help. This means we go the extra mile in looking after your equipment and staff. ASK US. -HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? your equipment is important to us ...but so are your staff. Doctors...What can we do to help?

We can also check the calibration of scales. We will do this at a lower price than the scale companies but only when we carry out the electrical and performance testing..

Please note. Being polite and paying your bills on times goes a long way to how much help we offer. If your accounts team pay on time you WILL get a better deal when it comes to service and going the extra mile. If it takes 7weeks to pay then you need to speak to your accounts as it will cost you more .

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